Liturgical Ministers

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion - Assist in the distribution of Holy Communion at Eucharistic celebrations. They may also volunteer to take Holy Communion to hospitals, nursing homes, and homebound parishioners. Ministers are commissioned for service to the community in accordance with Archdiocesan guidelines. They assist at liturgies on a rotating schedule.

Sacristans - Appointed to assist in the preparation of liturgical celebrations. Sacristans are charged with the care of the sacristy, the church, and their contents, and with setting up the vestments, altar, and generally preparing for Eucharistic celebrations (including weekly Masses, special liturgies, weddings, funerals, Confirmation, and First Communion.) Sacristans assist at liturgies on a rotating basis.

Lectors - Lectors are volunteers from the parish community whose primary duty is to proclaim the Word of God. Lectors should be dedicated and responsible persons with good articulation and reading skills. Each lector is given a book to use in preparing to proclaim God’s Word. Lectors assist at liturgies on a rotating basis.

If interested in becoming a Liturgical Minister, contact the rectory at 737-4537 or