Grandparents Club

The mission of the Grandparent’s Club is to foster the relationships between children and grandparents through programs designed to facilitate their spiritual, moral, social, cultural, and educational growth. 737-4537

Objectives: 1) Develop relationships between children and grandparents, 2) Encourage grandparents to become involved in the parish and support activities, events, and programs, 3) Reinforce the values and practices of the Catholic Church, 4) Support and enhance the eduction goals of the parish, 5) Provide a friendly and social atmosphere for the members and children.

Membership in the Grandparent’s Club is open to all grandparents participating in the parish or whose grandchild is in the parish.  The term "grandparents" is understood to include great grandparents and any guardian or surrogate acting as a grandparent or great grandparent.