Natural Family Planning

SymptoPro Fertility Education

What is it?

SymptoPro is a sympto-thermal method of natural family planning developed by Northwest Family Services in Portland, Oregon. 

How does it work?

SymptoPro teaches couples how to identify the fertile and infertile times of a woman’s menstrual cycle by teaching a woman how to observe changes in her natural signs of fertility.  These natural signs include: waking temperature, cervical mucus, and (optional) changes at the cervix. Couples who wish to avoid pregnancy, abstain during the fertile time, while couples who wish to achieve pregnancy, unite during the fertile time.

What about classes?

The course consists of 4 classes over a two-month time-span.  Includes individualized follow-up.  Cost is $100. 

SymptoPro is:

Scientific. Based upon the research of Austrian doctor, Josef Roetzer

Modern.  Use online charting to record your observations. 

Effective.  99% effective when a couple understands the method and uses it correctly

Empowering. By giving the woman knowledge about her fertility and enabling couples to make decisions based upon that knowledge, SymptoPro puts a couple in the driver’s seat of their fertility.        

GOOD for marriage. Increases communication.  Enhances romance. Shared responsibility

Free, Total, Faithful, Fruitful Love.  In harmony with God’s plan for love and sexuality

Healthy.  No harmful side effects

Natural.  Works with a woman’s body, not against it

Practically cost-free. Other than the affordable cost of the course, the only on-going cost associated with SymptoPro is the need to occasionally replace a thermometer.

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