Safe Environment/Called to Protect

Go to then click on the Safe Environment link at the bottom left of the page for the latest training sessions. If you have already had one in-person training session, training may be renewed online.  Use this link and follow the online instructions for creating an account and renewing your training:

Attention all Volunteers:  Per the Archdiocese, any adult church or school volunteer who has regular contact with minors or stays overnight at an event with minors must have completed all diocesan safe environment requirements, listed below, and have been formally approved on the Austin database to work with youth.


  • 1. Completed a Called to Protect (Safe Environment) training session within the past three years (see link at top of page for training dates through the Archdiocese).
  • 2. Undergone a background check within the past three years 
  • 3. Registered with Austin Computing  ( as a volunteer at SMA Parish and/or School [registering also gives permission to the church/school to obtain a background check as necessary]  Password:  safety

The Access code for the Archdiocese of New Orleans is: safety

  • 4.  After registering, complete the application as a volunteer.

Once all three steps have been taken, the church and/or school can officially approve you in the database.  All ministry coordinators are responsible for ensuring their volunteers are approved before permitting contact with children.  A list of approved volunteers has been sent to each coordinator working with children and is kept on file with the parish.  Coordinators and/or volunteers may contact Dianne [[email protected]] with any questions or to ensure you are up-to-date and on the approved list.  Thank you very much for your understanding in this matter, for your work with our children, and for everything you do for St. Matthew the Apostle Parish.